Friday, March 21, 2014

POD Giveaways

Giveaways that might be of interest to shopkeepers--my latest finds below:

POD Marketplace Giveaways
Giveaways for a gift certificate or item with your choice of design  from a POD marketplace.  You can usually use you're winnings to sell your own stuff sold through these PODS.

(3/28) CafePress - Item of Choice
(3/31) $25 CafePress Gift Certificate (must submit story)

Shop Specific or Design Specific Giveaways
Giveaways from a specific POD shop or set of, you can't use this to buy your own stuff, but can sport some items by your fellow designers.

(3/26)  CafePress Divergent Giveaway - Ends at 5 pm 3/26
(3/26)  Book and Silk Fat Quarters from Spoonflower
(4/10)  Spreadshirt Mother's Day T-Shirt
(4/10)  Spreadshirt Father's Day T-Shirt

Other Custom Printing and Business Related Giveaways
Things that might be useful in growing your business, or if you were printing things to sell offline.

(3/31) $25 Gift Card to Build a Sign
(3/24) Piczzle Custom Puzzle
(3/24) Piczzle Custom Puzzle
(3/25) Silhouette Portrait
(3/25) Silhouette Portrait and Online Classes
(3/25) Silhouette Portrait
(3/25) Silhouette Portrait
(3/25) Silhouette Cameo
(3/25) Silhouette Cameo
(3/25) Silhouette Cameo
(3/25) Silhouette Cameo
(3/25) Silhouette Cameo
(3/25) Silhouette Cameo
(3/25) Silhouette Cameo - Daily Free Entries
(3/26) Silhouette Portrait
(3/31) Piczzle Custom Puzzle

Note, I got free entries for posting some of these.  

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