Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Link to Your International Zazzle Shops on Squidoo

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In addition to it's US shop, Zazzle has many different international storefronts where people can browse Zazzle in their language and make orders using their native currency.

If you have a blog or website and would like to link to these shops from it, Zazzle has an easy way to make banners which link to all your international storefronts there. You can click here to try it out.

Unfortunately, this code does not work well on Squidoo. Below I talk about how to change the code to make a nice line of country flags which link to your this:

The code below is what you will want to use on your page, but first you will need to swop out my shop ID and affiliate ID for your shop name and affiliate ID. You can do this manually, but I suggest doing the following:

  1. Copy paste the code below into a notepad.

  2. Use the search/replace tool in notepad to replace my shop ID, scribbleprints, with your shop ID. Your shop ID is the last part of your store URL. For instance, in the part in bold, scribbleprints, is my store ID.

  3. Copy paste the code into the Squidoo module where you want it. There are some modules on Squidoo which will not accept this code, but you’re always safe putting it in a text module.


<a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a><a href="*" style="border: 0pt none; margin: 0 10px 3px 0;"><img src="//" width="27" /></a>

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Create Fan Art - And Sell It LEGALLY!

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Imagine you thought of a great Star Trek design and wanted to sell it on T-shirts. In most cases you'ld be out of luck since you would either be breaking copyright law or stepping in very hazy legal territory regarding how that law applies to parody. But, by working through a print on demand service that has special permission to publish fan-designed products, you CAN design and sell products related to TV shows (like Star Trek), movies, video games, and more!
Print on demand services (PODS) allow artists to put their own designs on items like shirts, mugs, and posters and then sell them through their own shop and/or the PODS' marketplace. The print on demand services set up digital mock-ups so customers can see how the product will look with the artwork. Then they print and ship products when customers order them, and the artist earns a commission.

Some Print on Demand services have made deals with TV Stations, movie producers, and other groups to let their artist contributors provide fan-created art to sell through the PODS. Usually there are specific rules on what types of designs will be accepted and how their copyrighted content can be used.

Read on to find out about various PODS participating in these types of partnerships.

CafePress Fan Portals

Star Trek MugCafePress has over 100 fan portals where you can share your designs for movies, T.V. shows, and more such asStar Trek, Twilight, The Hunger Games, Goodfellas, Mighty Mouse, and so many others

Zazzle Fan Portals

Right now Zazzle just two fan portals (that I know of)…click the links below to see their design guidelines and learn more about the programs.


Saturday Night Live



Sony Music
Below is a list of the songs from Sony Music that they are accepting designs for.

* Ain’t Gonna Bump No More With No Big Fat Woman
* Alone
* Burnin’ For You
* Burning Love
* Come Together
* Crazy
* Girls Just Want To Have Fun
* Heartbreak Hotel
* Hit Me With Your Best Shot
* Hush
* I Can’t Stop Loving You
* I Fought The Law
* I Love The Nightlife
* King Of The Road
* Like A Virgin
* Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
* Spooky
* Stand By Me
* Suspicious Minds
* True Colors
* Tutti Frutti

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Squidoo Is Moving to Hubpages: And How to Move Your Pages to Blogger (As an Alternative)

Did you hear?  Squidoo has been aquired by HubPages and Squidoo will be going away!   I know, due to their past partnerships with Zazzle and CafePress that a lot of PODsters also have pages on Squidoo, though I thought this would be important to share here. 

Squidoo says only the best lenses will transfer over. and I couldn't find info on exactly what that means, though this forum post by a Hub Page user sheds some light on what type of lenses might not be accepted.  There's also some good info about transferring here.

Here's some dates you should know:

  • AUGUST 22:  Last day to make updates to your lenses  (If you're moving them somewhere other than HubPages, might want to add a note about that on your lenses before then, so visitors can tell where you moved), SOME lenses will be able to be transferred to HubPages.  You can begin transferring lenses now.
  • AUGUST 29:  Last chance to prevent your any of your lenses from being moved to HubPages by deleting your account.  
  • EARLY SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER:  Lenses will start to disappear.  

Squidoo has a way to save all your lens content (which I suggest using)...but from what I can see the code it gives you is very wonky--very messy and a lot to clean up, and it doesn't include things like your links and your photos (if you copy paste it now your photos will show up...but that's temporary as they are still housed on Squidoo).  Copying your lenses to blogger is another option, which I'll talk more about below.

When you copy-paste to Blogger copies like links and such much of the formatting of your content will be retained.  It even copies pictures BUT be's not really a copy.  Its still linked from Squidoo so you will need to go through and save those picks and then replace them.  

  • NOTE:  Copy pasting to blogger will save text, pictures and links.  Modules like video modules, plexos (other than text), etc. are not able to be copied over   NOTE ON PICTURES:  Pictures may still show Squidoo URL so I don't know what will happen to them once Squidoo is gone.  SAVE ALL PICTURES ON YOUR OWN SERVER BY RIGHT CLICKING AND SAVING.

1.  First, go to blogger and start a new post or page--make sure you are in the "compose" editor, not the HTML editor.   

2.  Go to the page you want to copy.  Highlight the content from each module from your Squidoo workshop you want to move and press CTR+C (or whatever you use to copy text on your browser/operating system). Paste into your blogger post.   

3.  VERY IMPORTANT.  Since I'm  having Squidoo affiliate links on your blog will be pretty pointless soon, and could get you into trouble, you will need to switch into the HTML tab in your editor and remove all the affiliate info from CafePress, Amazon, and other Squidoo money making module links (you can then replace with your own affiliate codes).  If you don't have time to fix the affiliate code right away, though, you can always save the post as a draft in stead of publishing it right away, and work on it later. 

4.  VERY IMPORTANT.  It does not seem like blogger is actually copying pictures, so these may be lost once Squidoo ends.  You can save the pictures, and then upload them to the blogger post and replace them where you want (one way to do this is to put all the pictures up at the top or bottom initially, then go in and grab the new URL for the picture and just insert it where the current squidurl is.  

If you are part of the CafePress or Amazon affiliate program, it shouldn't be a problem using their product images since they are remote linked on Squidoo from CafePress/Amazon. Be careful not to grab any Squidoo graphics.   There may be copyright issues with the layout also...but I'm honestly not sure.  

  • You can still edit your Squidoo page until Aug 22nd, so it might be a good idea to make a post or webpage off Squidoo where you will put links to all the places you're pages have moved, and put a BIG LINK to this page on top off all your Squidoo lenses (something like "THIS PAGE MOVING SOON. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHERE).  
  • Make sure to check your stats for the last 90 days to see who's linking to you, so you can notify them of where your new page will be.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zazzle Special Days Categories

There are all sorts of crazy days and celebrations out there. You could celebrate anything from "Answer Your Cat's Question Day" or "Shallow Person's Week." If you are an shopkeeper on Zazzle, these give you one more place to categorize your products. In the Zazzle category tree you can find these special days under Events and Occassions >Other >Special Days. While they might not be as well visited as some higher levels of the tree, you're products will be one of the few listed there. For your convenience I've listed all of the days you can find under Zazzle's Special Days below.

01 Solemnity of Mary
05 Guru Gobind Singh
06 Epiphany
08 Bubble Bath Day
08 Letter Writing Week
09 Baptism of Jesus
11 Thank You Days
14 Coming of Age Day & Seijin-no…
14 Makar Sankranti
15 Quarteryly Tax Day
16 Pongal Mattu
16 Psychiatric Tech Day
17 Golf Day
18 Christian Unity Week
20 Penguin Awareness Day
20 World Religion Day
21 Send a Hug Today
22 Answer Your Cat’s Question Day
23 Compliment Day
23 Pie Day
25 Fun at Work Day & Nat.
25 Healthy Weight Day
25 Robert Burns Day
26 Spouse’s Day
26 Super Sunday
28 Full Moon Day

Hot Tea Month
Oatmeal Month

01 Brighid’s Day
02 Candlemas
02 Groundhog Day
02 Impolc
04 Sopporo Snow Festival
05 School Counselor Week
07 Ballet Day
07 Girls and Women in Sports Day
07 Greet Your Neighbor Day
08 Boy Scouts Day
08 Tu B’shvat
09 Carnival
11 Chinese New Year
12 Flirting Week
12 Freedom to Marry Day
12 Mardi Gras
12 Pancake Tuesday
12 Shrove Tuesday
13 Ash Wednesday
14 Ferris Wheel Day
14 Read to Your Kids Week
15 Canada Flag Day
17 First Sunday of Lent
17 Friendship Week & Int’l
18 Engineer Week
20 Hoodie-Hoo Day (Northern)
20 Love Your Pet Day
22 Girl Scouts Thinking Day
22 Robert Baden-Powell
23 Eid-Al-Adha
23 Tennis Day
25 Aguste Renoir
25 Lantern Festival
26 Purim

Black History Month
Wedding Month

01 National Pig Day
01 St. David’s Day
02 Texas Independence Day
03 Girl’s Day & Hina Matsuri
03 If Pets Had Thumbs Day
03 Pet Sitters Week
05 Procrastination Week
06 Dentist’s Day
08 Employee Appreciation Day
08 International Women’s Day
08 No Smoking Day
09 Panic Day
10 Girl Scount’s Week
10 Money Day
12 B-Day of Girl Scouting
14 Pi Day
15 Ides of March
16 St. Urho’s Day
17 Camp Fire Founder’s Day
17 Crochet Week
17 Quilting Week
17 St. Patrick’s Day
18 Bubble Week
20 Great American Meat-Out
20 Spring Begins
20 Vernal Equinox
21 Bahai New Year
21 Flower Day
21 Incredible Kid Day
21 Persian New Year
22 Day of the Seal
24 Palm Sunday
25 Annunciation
25 Family Day & Nat
28 Holi
28 Passover

Colorectal Caner Awareness Month
March Madness
Mirth Month
National Nutrition Month
Red Cross Month
Social Worker’s Month
Umbrella Month
Women’s History Month

01 April Fool’s Day
01 Fun at Work Day
02 Children’s Book Day
06 Tartan Day
07 Garden Week
07 No Housework Day
12 Big Wind Day
14 Boys and Girls Club Week
14 Medical Laboratory week
14 National Library Week
15 Tax Day
17 School Librarian Day
18 Pet Owner’s Day
20 Astronomy Day
20 California Poppy Day
21 Karaoke Week
21 Volunteer Week
22 Earth Day
22 Girl Scout Leader Day
23 Shakespeare’s Birthday
25 Bring Your Kid Work Day
26 Arbor Day
26 Hug and Austrailian Day
27 National Day of Puppetry
28 Kiss Your Mate Day
30 Hairstylist Day

Autism Awareness Month
Guitar Month
Humor Month
National Poetry Month
Occupational Therapy Month

01 Lei Day
01 May Day
01 Mother Goose Day
01 Save the Rhino Day
02 Sibling Appreciation Day
03 Tuba Day
04 Lobster Race and Oyster Parade
04 Scrapbook Day
05 Children’s Day & Kodomono-hi (Japan)
05 Cinco de Mayo (2,496)
05 Family Week
05 Midwives Day
05 National Pet Week
05 Postcard Week
05 Teacher Appreciation Week
05 Tourism Week
05 Un-Mother’s Day
05 Wildflower Week
06 No Diet Day
06 Nurses’ Day & Week
07 Teacher Day & Nat.
09 Ascension Day
09 Receptionist Day
10 Childcare Providers Day
11 Birth Mothers Day
11 Eat What You Want Day
12 Chronic Fatigue Day
12 Migratory Bird Day
12 National Police Week
15 Hug Your Cat Day
18 Armed Forces Day
18 Int’l. Museum Day
18 Pickle Week
19 Emergency Medical Services Week
19 Good Neighbor Day
19 Pentecost
20 Victoria Day
21 Waitstaff Day
23 Declaration of the Bab
23 Mesmerism Day
23 World Turtle Day
25 Jazz Day
26 Trinity
27 Memorial Day
31 No Tobacco Day & World

Barbecue Month
Bike Month
Month of Mary
Older American’s Month
Skin Cancer Awareness Month

01 Stepparents’ Week
03 Fishing Week
05 World Environment Day
08 Best Friends Day
08 World Oceans Day
10 Email Week
10 Little League Week
14 U.S. Flag Day
15 Quarterly Tax Day
16 Forgiveness Week
19 World Sauntering Day
21 Midsummer’s Eve
21 Summer Solstice
24 St. Jean – Baptiste Day
26 Beautician’s Day

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
Candy Month
Rose Month

01 Canada Day
01 International Joke Day
02 I Forgot Day (715)
13 Cow Appreciation Day
14 Bastille Day
15 Respect Canada Day
17 Wrong Way Corrigan Day
20 Ugly Truck Contest Day
21 Ice Cream Cone Day & Nat.
26 Aunt and Uncle Day
27 Take Plants for a Walk
28 National Parent’s Day
28 Sys. Admins. Day
30 Father-In-Law Day

02 Friendship Day
04 National Smile Week
04 Sisters’ Day
04 U.S. Coast Guard Day
06 Intl. Forgiveness Day
07 National Lighthouse Day
08 Senior Citizens Day
08 Sneak Zucchini Night
10 “The King” Week
11 Son’s & Daughter’s Day
12 Truck Drivers Week
13 Left-hander’s Day
15 Relaxation Day
18 Bad Poetry Day
18 Friendship Week
19 Aviation Day
21 Hawaii Day
22 Be An Angel Day
22 Save Your Smile Week
22 Tooth Fairy Day
23 Ride the Wind Day
23 Hug Day
24 Chinese Valentine
24 Sam Spade Day
25 Kiss and Make up Day
26 Women’s Equality Day
27 Just Because Day

04 Teacher’s Day
05 Be Late for Something Day
07 Rosh Hashana
08 Grandparents Day
09 Brainstorming Week
09 Five-a-Day Week
09 Substitute Teacher’s Week
11 Remembrance Day
12 Video Game Day
13 Blame Someone Else Day
14 Triumph of the Holy Cross
15 Hispanic Heritage Mo. Begins
15 Our Lady of Sorrows
15 POW / MIA Recognition Day
15 Quarterly Tax Day
15 Women’s Friendship Day
16 Single’s Week
16 Stay Away from Seattle Day
16 Yom Kippur
17 Citizenship Day
17 Constitution Day
17 Day of Peace
18 Thank You Day
21 Full Moon Day
22 Business Women’s Day
22 Elephant Appreciation Day
22 Hoodie Hoo Day (Southern)
23 Angel Week
23 Autumnal Equinox
23 Good Neighbor Day
24 Dog Week
25 One Hit Wonder Day
29 Rabbit Day
29 Simchat Torah

Kids Good Manners Month
Piano Month

01 Bank Teller Appreciation Week
01 Customer Service Week
01 World Vegetarian Day
03 Techies Day
06 Clergy Appreciation Weekend
06 Intergenerational Day
07 National 4-H Week
07 World Habitat Day
08 Children’s Day & Nat.
08 Global Learn Day
08 Sports Day & Taiku-no-hi
10 Tuxedo Day
10 Wildlife Week
11 Pulaski Memorial Day
12 Oktoberfest
13 Train Your Brain Day
14 Be Bald and Be Free Day
14 Columbus Day
14 Pet Peeve Week
14 Teen Read Week
14 Thanksgiving (Canada)
14 Wolf Awareness Week
16 Boss Day & National
18 Boost Your Brain Day
19 Sweetest Day
21 Business Women’s Week
21 Full Moon Day
21 Pastoral Care Week
21 World Rainforest Week
23 National Mole Day
24 Black Thursday
24 Forgiveness Day
24 United Nations Day
25 Frankenstein Friday
25 Peace & Friendship and Good Will Week
26 Make a Difference Day
27 Day Light Savings Ends
27 Mother-in-Law Day
31 Samhain

AIDS Awareness Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Dinosaur Month
National Pizza Month
Stamp Collecting Month

01 All Saints’ Day
01 Communication Week
01 Day of the Dead (419)
02 All Souls’ Day
03 Sandwich Day
04 Chemistry Week
04 King Tut Day
04 Shallow Persons Week
05 Guy Fawkes Day
06 Saxophone Day
06 Young Readers Day
08 Cook Bold and Pungent Day
08 Punster Day
08 Pursuit of Happiness Week
11 Remembrance Day (Canada)
11 Veteran’s Day
12 O.R. Nurse Week
13 Children’s Book Week
13 World Kindness Day
15 America Recycles Day
15 Fast for World Harvest Day
15 Shichi-Go-San
17 World Peace Day
20 Children’s Day & Universal
21 Great American Smokeout
21 World Hello Day
22 Stop the Violence Day
24 Bible Week
24 Game & Puzzle Week
28 Red Planet Day
28 Thanksgiving Day
29 Electronic Greetings Day
29 Sinkie Day
29 Your Welcome Day
30 Call in Well Day
30 Full Moon Day
30 Guru Nanak Day Ji

AIDS Awareness Month
Aviation History Month
Diabetes Awareness Month
Georgia Peach Month
Native American Heritage Month

01 World Aids Day
04 Santa’s List Day
05 Bathtub Party Day
06 St. Nick’s Day
07 Letter Writing Day
07 Pearl Harbor Day
07 Teacher Appreciation Day
08 Night of the Lizard King
09 Weary Willie Day
10 Children’s Memorial Day
10 Human Rights Day
10 Sister Friend Day
12 Poinsettia Day
13 Santa Lucia Day
21 Humbug Day
21 Winter Solstice
26 Boxing Day – Canada
26 Boxing Day – UK
26 Kwanzaa
28 Holiday Breather Day
28 Holy Innocents
29 Japanese New Year
29 Texas Day
31 Make Up Your Mind Day