Tuesday, April 22, 2014

POD Giveaways

Here are the latest giveaways I've stumbled on  that might be of interest to shopkeepers!

POD Marketplace Giveaways
Giveaways for a gift certificate or item with your choice of design  from a POD marketplace.  You can usually use you're winnings to sell your own stuff sold through these PODS.

(5/13) 3 Yards Custom Printed Silk Faille at Spoonflower
(5/14) $50 Zazzle GC
(6/4) 3 Yards Custom Printed Pique Fabric at Spoonflower

POD Shop & Item Specific Giveaways
These giveaways are from individual shops and usually funded by the artist/shopkeeper.  Check out what some of your fellow POD artists are giving away!

(5/17) Bilingual Style - Item of Choice (Zazzle)
(5/15) How to Make Your Cat and Internet Celebrity Book and Zazzle Cards
(6/3)   Scribbleprint Stickers (Zazzle)

Other Custom Printing and Business Related Giveaways
Things that might be useful in growing your business, or if you were printing things to sell offline.

(5/18) $50 Vivo Print* GC at the Lily Field
(5/24) Canvas Print on Wood Frame at Joei and Me
(5/31) Piczzle Custom Puzzle at Tara Sayers

*Vivo print looks like it carries the same type of metal key chains and desk organizers that Zazzle just added recently, only for less (with bulk discounts that go lower).

Note, I got free entries for posting some of these.  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CP Says April Fools!

The web has made April Fools so fun.  And this "foolsday" I got this in my e-mail from CafePress....

NICE!  Good one CafePress!  Love the political satire there.
Didn't notice anything on the other PODS I visited today.  Did you?