Tuesday, March 4, 2014

FREE GRAPHIC: Add "Water" To Your AquaVista Clock, Front View

Zazzle has recently added the Aquavisa Clock, a clock that is designed to double as a fish-bowl for bettas.  They do not, however, have any pictures of these clocks with an actual fish in it.  (UPDATE:  They have added a view with water and a beta fish!  Yeah!  It's an angled view, so you still might want to use this one,  especially if you are adding alternative contents, like I mention below, since those are easier to add from a straight on view).  When I made a comment on the Zazzle forum about that, I started a firestorm of backlash against this clock/bowl, which many said was too small to keep a fish in (I researched...Bettas can be kept in a bowl this small, though a good environment is harder to maintain and a larger bowl is better for them).   That aside, you COULD use this for a number of other things, such as a indoor water garden or terrarium, displaying flowers, showing off your marble collection, etc..  Personally, I'd like to try this out with a ROBOTIC fish (yes, there is such a thing, and they're not that expensive even)....

I also posted about this  on Zazzlers on Facebook, mentioning the lack of a "with fish" example.  And in response promptly had someone add a fish for me (thanks Maria) and that prompted me to get busy and see if I could figure out how to add some water.

The following graphic should fit the 499 pixel wide graphic of a fishtank.  If you want to know how to save a Zazzle image at this size, click here for my tutorial.   This should be added as a layer on top of the fish tank graphic, with an opacity of around 33% (play around with it to see what works for your design).  Then just merge the layers and you should have a tank that looks like it has water in it.  

I got the waterline from this Creative Commons picture from by Dean McCoy.  While it is free for alteration and commercial use, attribution is required (not to me, but to Dean McCoy...though if you want to mention PODNews I'd be pleased).  I'm going to ask if it's ok to use this without attribution if we are using this on a banner ad or advertisement where attribution would be difficult.  But I haven't heard back yet, so for now, please attribute.  Otherwise, this is free for you to use.

You will have to find your own fish or plants or whatever you want to add to your "water" as I don't know where Maria got her fish and if I have permission to distribute it.   I looked on the Aquavista website and they also show their "example fish" smaller, so this fish is not to scale.

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  1. Great alternative ideas to add to this clock. Way to think outside the box. Or clock!