Wednesday, February 12, 2014

POD Giveaways's been a while since I've posted any POD giveaways. Just found some and would love to share. 

Specific Items or Items from Specific Shops
These are items from other POD artists, often self-sponsored by them (but sometimes sponsor by the POD).

2/15  Set of Scribbleprints Cards (from Zazzle) and Jewelry - Such Fun to Give
2/15  Penguin Love Shirt from CafePress - A Year of Jubilee Reviews

POD Gift Cards or Item of Choice
These are items you can use, if you choose, to purchase YOUR OWN stuff.  CP is short for CafePress.

2/14    $50 CP Gift Card - One Smiling Monkey
MONTHLY  $25 CP Gift Card

Business Giveaways
Giveaways for other things that might interest POD shopkeepers.

2/13 PrintKEG giveaway
2/17 Custom Printed Bags

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