Monday, October 28, 2013

The Admin Shop at CP Amuses Me

Well, a recent post on the CP forums said that CP would be auto-generating new products with our designs on new products in our Admin shop.  I was curious about what new products were added and skipped into my admin shop to check out a preview.  Well, guess no sneak peak for me....

Yeah, all those product number 114, 115, ect. were not visiable...but I did see some older stuff they had added to my shop.  Like this...

Here's the same design with rounded corners, larger...

Really CP?  REALLY?   You know, there's a reason why I haven't added any yoga pants.  I just don't think my artwork is best displayed on someone's butt (or crotch?  Which is it?  I've never been able to tell).   And this particular looks like they're looking at, ah sheesh, nevermind.  (UPDATE:  When I posted this on the CafePress/Zazzlers facebook page I was told it's printed on the bottom, not crotch.  And someone commented that if you flex your butt muscles the ladies could kiss... I laughed my undecorated butt off at that! )  Still, deleted the product and hope they don't add it back.  

I also thought these were amusing...

So, CP, you think people want wine coolers and cocktail shakers with a baby crib on it?

Ok, MAYBE someone might buy that...but not likely.   Sheesh, this is why product addition should not be automated.  


  1. Yes, CafePress has become desperate for additional revenue since going public in the NYSE. Their stock has tanked and they are close to running out of money. So they randomly put popular designs on all of their products. This is a huge mistake in a long line of huge mistakes. Zazzle is going to kill CafePress in the long run.

    1. Yeah, I can see that. I've stopped working on my CP shops because of that, and focused on Zazzle. Though, neither of these designs were popular...the first has yet to sell anything, and the second I haven't sold anything with that design in over a year.