Monday, February 11, 2013

POD Giveaways

I like to share giveaways from various print on demand services and POD shops  I find here.  If you know of any others, please leave a comment and let me know and I'll share it here as well.

POD Artist Giveaways

Gift Set From Floating Lemons (2/14) - Zazzle

The Spinsterhood Diaries (2/24) - Zazzle

Celeste Thorson - Languages of Love Magnet and Bag* (2/28) - Zazzle
(Though this one seems like it's over already...scroll to the bottom and you'll see there's still those two prizes to enter for...until the 28th at least).


CafePress Giveaways 

$25 CafePress CG at 3 Boys and a Blog (2/14)

$25 CafePress GC at Arizona Mama (2/14)

$25 CafePress GC at Little BGCG (2/16)

$25 CafePress GC at Koupon Karen (2/18)

$25 CafePress GC at Mommy's Favorite Things (2/18)

$25 CafePress GC at Lost and Tired (2/19)

$25 CafePress GC at Kat and Kaboodle (2/19)

$25 CafePress GC at Kara's Deals (2/22)

$25 CafePress GC at If Only Live Could Be That Simple (2/22)

$25 CafePress GC at All About the Mommies (2/22)

$25 CafePress GC at Happy Hippy Mom (2/24)

$25 CafePress GC at Obviosly Marvelous (3/4) 

Zazzle Giveaways

Zazzle Mug (2/21)

If you know of another giveaways by a PODs or POD artist please let me know and I'll add it!  If you would like to sponsor a giveaway on this blog, please e-mail me at

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