Saturday, January 26, 2013

Zazzle Spain

Just was checking out to practice my Spanish, and IMHO Zazzle needs to re-think their front page choices for Spain.  Here's some of the products I found featured there:

OK, their "Cosas Nuevas" (New Things) look fine, but the Crea Tu Producto section  (Create a Product?)...really?  They couldn't find any more interesting templates than "Your Image Here" to feature?   And since that's not even in Spanish...well, you can see the problem.  Makes me re-think some of my photo template designs that have "Your Photo Here" in stead of a cover photo in the frame.  I wasn't thinking of how that would translate (or not translate) to other languages. 

Anyways, just kinda made me chuckle.  Really makes me appreciate how they've re-done the front page on the US version of 

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