Friday, August 21, 2015

Zazzle Quick Create Organization

I wanted to share how I organized my quick create templates and how I organize adding new products.

Since Zazzle started adding new products almost every week, it became too much to add EVERY DESIGN to new products as soon as they came out.  So, I started making a single quick create template for the new products that were added in the last month or two.  When I first started I made a separate one for full bleed/tiled designs and for centered designs...but I've since changed to putting these both in the same template section (ie category) and than deleting the ones I don't want during the quick create process (this just turned out to be easier--especially since some of my designs look good both tiled and centered).   I title each quick create template section  by date.

I do have a few I do by topic.  Zazzle had so many edible products come out about the same time I put them in one place, and I have a separate baby template section, and if there's enough I sometimes make separate template sections for products I think mainly women will use and more unisex or manly products. 

I all a lot with quick create as soon as I'm finished with a template, but save seasonal designs for a month or two before the season starts.

I found it was hard to remember what designs I had already added by quick I made a spreadsheet of designs and template sections to keep track of that. 

So, how do you organize your quick create templates or otherwise organize how you add new products?

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