Tuesday, June 11, 2013

POD Resources

I hope you find the following sites, tools  and articles useful.  These shopkeeper resources used to be hosted on Squidoo, and the formatting came out a little wonky when I copied them over (so my apologies for the crazy font selection).  



POD Person
Great blog with lots of freebies and tutorials.
Creative Artists Blog
A blog featuring artists who sell their work on print on demand websites.
Tees In A Pod
Excellent blog and pod-cast about the print on demand business.

POD Helper
A great site with helpful articles, news updates and a forum.
Creating Fan Art Through Print On Demand
Learn about the different branded products (like movies, t-v shows, video games) that you can legally create designs for through a POD fan portal.
52 Ways To Monetize Your Photos
Got a hard drive full of pictures? Wish you had a bank account full of cash? If you've got good photos, you've got an opportunity to make some useful

Check out the suppliers of print on demand ( POD ) services for Art Prints / Art Books & Catalogues. Review what artists think of them & traffic to their sites. Find...
The T-Shirts Forums
I love the T-Shirt Forum. I've gotten so many insightful, detailed, and helpful answers here.
Tee Banter
I just discovered this forum...but it seems to be pretty active! It's aimed more at buyers then sellers. In their own words: "Primarily an interest group for collectors and general t-shirt fans interested in discussing the huge variety of t-shirts out there." But there are sections obviously for sellers to post in. You can showcase your designs here but make sure to read the rules because there are specific ways to go about it.

Beginner's Guide to Starting a shop on CafePress
A great three part guide covering opening a shop, designing, and adding products.
Success With CafePress
Great tips for making your CafePress shop successful.
Pictures fo Promote Tile Boxes
Beautiful artistic photos that show the inside of the tile boxes sold through CafePress.  A great resource if you're promoting these on your blog or website.

How To Run a Successful CafePress Shop
Some good tips.


Tee Plates
Free Printfection themes! Completely customize your Printfection store without ever learning or writing a single line of CSS.

Design Image Guidelines 

How to Make and Use Your Own Zazzle Quick Create Template
A great tutorial if you want to use Quick Create in Zazzle to create products.
This is a widget similar to the Zazzle flash panel which fits nicely in the side-bar of your site, and gives you more control over what products are featured.
Zazzle to Squidoo Tool
A tool for promoting your products on Squidoo.
Temporary Guide Files for New Zazzle Phones
Useful guide if making designs specifically for the new phones (and you want to make the dimensions exact.
Making a Zazzle Squidoo
How to make a great Squidoo for your Zazzle shop.
How to Show Off Zazzle Products Using Text Modules
A guide on how to show off your products in Zazzle text modules using Zazzle's affiliate tools...needs to be updated since recent Squidoo changes, since the sizes of Squidoo modules have changed.  But it shows how to alter the size on the images and that's still useful.
Posting Linked Images on Zazzle Forums - Video Tutorial
This is useful if you want to share your products on the Zazzle forum.
Special Days on Zazzle
A list of the "Special Days" categories on Zazzle.
Zazzle Paper Invitation Quality
A photographic description of the Zazzle invitation paper quality, with pictures capturing all different types of paper colors and textures and notes on the sturdiness of the different paper types.
Zazzle Invites Samples, Quality and Sizing
This covers all the paper types at Zazzle, and has really great examples.
Zazzle n' Tweet
An overview of twitter for Zazzlers.
Zazzlers with Twitter
Are you a Zazzler looking to network with other Zazzlers on Twitter? Find a list of Zazzlers who twitter here.
48 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Zazzle Shop
A great article on ways to get more people to your shop.

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